Care Guide

All our pieces are hand crafted by glass artisans. Most products are made of glass and will break if it is bumped or dropped. Please handle with great care when using the product.

The metal parts of accessories may cause itching or irritation depending on your constitution (metal allergy, etc.). If you notice any skin problems, please stop using the product and consult a dermatologist.

Please take off the accessory when exercising, showering, or taking care of young children.

To reduce dullness and stains caused by sebum, please wipe with a soft cloth after use before storing. 

When you take on or off the accessories, please hold the metal parts and take them off. Pulling hard on the glass may cause the metal to come off.

Please put on the plastic catch attached to the earrings to prevent them from falling. 

To prevent deterioration of the pearls, store them away from sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, and extremely dry conditions.

Do not hit against metal or other hard objects.